NATO Summit 2008 an April Fools joke

The 2008 NATO summit in Bucuresti, first to fourth of April, now turns out to have been nothing more than an April Fools joke, put together by the Romanian authorities.

The official website, the road blocks, the extremely high level of security, all the conferences, Bush and Putin both being in Bucuresti at the same time -- it was all just a very expensive April Fools joke that in the end cost the tax payers more than 24 million euros.

When asked if the April Fools joke also had functioned as a 'proper' NATO summit, president Băsescu said, "Well, NATO might have seen this as a summit, but us, the romanian politicians, are very happy about pulling off the most expensive April Fools joke ever, which will also have secured itself an entry in the Guinness book of World Records."

A female reporter later asked Băsescu if there would be an official report as to where all the money went, and the president replied, "Little baby girl -- look at my houses, my cars, my wardrobe, my mistresses... Are you joking with me?"