I know a sex slave

I know a sex slave. I didn't think I ever would, but now I do. Please read the following text.

For two weeks, she was locked inside an apartment here in Bucuresti, and her kidnappers brought her 3-4 clients every day, all of whom she had to have sex with. With a condom, luckily. She didn't get any of the money, as far as I know.

Originally she's from a small town, and came to Bucuresti to try and study after high school. I met her here, and we kept in touch. After some time she started doing adult videochat, and that ended in her boss forcing her to have sex with a male colleague to make money she supposedly owed him, for renting a room in the apartment the webcam studio was in.

After a week of this, she managed to get away from the situation and got out of the city. Some time later she came back, and was determined never to do video chat again. However, not knowing anything else she could do, she started doing erotic massage. Not sex, just massage.

Then, after a few weeks of that, the bosses told her she would start doing the massage alone, in a room in an apartment. She agreed to this, and this is when they started locking her up in the apartment and told her she was going to have sex with the clients from now on, or else they would hurt her. If she tried to run, they would find her and do bad things to her.

She then was a sex slave for almost two weeks, until she got lucky and was saved by a client she had met. He liked her and brought her to another city in Romania. So she's out of the situation, but these people probably have more girls like her locked up in other apartments, and in the same situation.

How did she get herself into all of this? She's young and a very volatile person, and probably easy to threat or manipulate. She's not stupid, just a normal girl in a weak position. This is exactly the type of girl these kidnappers and trafickers look for, and this is a textbook example of how someone might become a sex slave.

Now she hopes to get a normal life, and if anything new happens with her I'll update this post.

*** UPDATE ***

I talked to her a while ago, and she said that after she moved to another city, the guy who "saved" her turned out to be not so nice, so she left him and started doing luxury prostitution by herself. That went on for a while until one of the clients fell in love with her, convinced her to stop, and now they are married.